The Awesomeness of the Urban T-Shirt

Short Tommy TopThe Fashion industry is constantly transforming. Every season new styles emerge and can quickly dominate the market. Nowadays, it’s all about street wear and the rise of the urban t shirt. Urban has not always been the main focus of t shirt fashion. The 70s had both glamorous, glitzy disco-style t shirts and rebellious, torn punk-style t shirts. Designers in the 80s developed crazy new methods of making t shirts, such as using heat-sensitive colouring dyes. Nowadays the urban t shirt is the new big thing.

This is a combination of punk, hip-hop and pop brought together in a funky, wide-ranging line of fashion styles that represent urban culture and everything that is inherent in it. Mass production is not associated with the modern urban t shirt. Hundreds of street brands, both tiny and large, have sprung out of this developing movement, creating thousands of diverse street-wear designs and funky unique, sometimes hand-made, clothes. As today’s subcultures, fashion styles and music genres mix and combine, big, familiar brand logos no longer dictate the design of the urban t shirt. It’s about being unique and about representing whichever part of this modern mixture of urban culture you slot into. The public now decide what’s hot and what’s not, not the brands.

The urban t shirt plus its accompanying streetwear fashion have crossed the borders of many different sub cultural fashion styles; punk, surfer, skater, hip-hop, pop and also now take from and influence the mainstream. This diversity is expanded even further by the mix and blend of old and new. Within the large urban t shirt collection available today, you can see vintage and retro looks taken from past eras, but these styles have been mixed, merged and transformed into fresh new creative urban fashion.

Because of this diversity, there’s something for everyone when it comes to urban clothing, ranging from early teens to those in their 40s, and sometimes beyond. People can connect through this bond of mutual style. Prices of urban items is another varying feature. Don’t expect dirt-cheap values. ‘Streetwear’ doesn’t entail that it was made on the street. Top designers work relentlessly to create original items, so some urban t shirts may cost a bit, but theyre worth splashing out on! Some urban designer brands, like Urban Outfitters & Abercrombie & Fitch, can charge up to $65 dollars for a t shirt. Unique handmade urban t shirts will also cost more, as they are one-of-a-kind and definitely are some of the sharpest designs in the market. Street markets often have cool urban clothing for less.

Whether you’re old or young, a boy or a girl, big or small, into rock, pop, punk, indie or hip-hop, you can find the perfect urban t shirt for you today!